Our Story

RARE BIRD® Craft Beer is handcrafted on the pristine shores of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, where Maritime brewing began in 1659. Authentic Seacoast’s brewery is proud to offer craft beers of rare character. With our brand-new portfolio of 6 unique beers, inspired by the birds and people of Nova Scotia, we’re proud to bring together the beauty of birds and beer. Celebrate nature with us, with the natural goodness of craft beer!


There have been many exciting moments along our journey as RARE BIRD® Craft Beer has evolved over the years. Below, is a quick snapshot of where we began and how we came to be where we are today!


RARE BIRD® Pub opens on Main Street in Guysborough, Nova Scotia in a fully renovated historic building (1929). The RARE BIRD® becomes a central hub for the community, with summertime ceilidhs and indoor musical acts! Known for its fish and chips, burgers and cold pints on the patio, the Pub was a hot spot! It was one of the first of four craft breweries in Nova Scotia.


RARE BIRD® Pub opens its micro-brewery offering a full range of brews on-tap.


RARE BIRD® launches its bottled beers and obtains NSLC listings with its original branding.


After five years of design, development, construction and commissioning, Authentic Seacoast’s showcase Brewery & Distillery opens at 75 Ferry Lane, down the street from the RARE BIRD® Pub. It becomes the first combined brewery-distillery in Canada!


RARE BIRD® Craft Beer becomes available in cans.


Authentic Seacoast updates its RARE BIRD® Craft Beer portfolio with updated recipes and expanded offerings, packaged in a more contemporary format. We build upon our original theme of rare birds, personifying distinctive Nova Scotia birds of rare character.

Birds and Bird Watching

We love birds! Years of participating in Christmas bird counts or travelling far and wide to add a new bird to one’s life list, or simply watching them in their natural habitat has been fun and led to a deep appreciation of the beauty that they bring to our lives. This can even be more fun with a beer in hand! Each of our unique 6 beers is named after special bird species! Here are some fun facts about them and a few links below where you can learn more!

Suggested reading to learn more about birds:



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